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  • Why I Should Become Your Portrait Photographer

Why should you hire me as your professional portrait photographer?

Today everyone calls themselves a photographer. Anyone can see all the phone photos that flood the social media sites. Aren’t these photos good enough?

Doesn’t your family deserve to be cherished for generations to come?

Your long-term enjoyment of the images with your loved one(s) is a primary focus of why I’m in the photography business.

Families are more mobile today than ever before in history, therefore it’s important that the images you have today last for generations to follow. Storing your images on a CD or DVD in a drawer collecting dust cannot accomplish this. In fact, digital media forms degrade over time making them unreadable. Did you already know that?  You can store your images a computer’s hard drive, however, hard drives do in fact crash losing all the data on them. There goes your treasured images! Just think back to the days of a the floppy disks, also, many laptops no longer have a CD or DVD reader. Technology keeps changing rendering past media unreadable. Instead, printing your images  on archival quality material and placed on your walls as artwork will ensure their longevity. Or how about a beautifully created album of your photos placed on your coffee table?  To ensure your family’s images can be produced as a piece of art, you need someone who knows where to find the very best archival quality products to use for your photographs.

Professional Photography

Professional photography has nothing to do with professional equipment; it demands one has taken the time to learn how to control light, natural, artificial, and combinations thereof. Proven photography knowledge, skills, and commitment to continued education is required for me to maintain my professional photographer certification (CPP) with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Click here to learn more about the importance of hiring a Certified Professional Photographer. 
Certified Professional Photographer

Click here to learn about the importance of hiring a PPA professional photographer.

See the Difference

Your Comfort is My Priority

For your comfort during times of inclement weather or unbearable heat, I have a residential studio that’s ready and available. I genuinely care for you and your images. I create your works of art by taking the needed time.

 These are just a few of the reasons why you should hire me as your photographer.

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You will LOVE your images or you’ll get your money cheerfully refunded! I personally guarantee it!

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